MGX Copy

I wanted to take some time and talk about the competitive advantages and vision that we have for MGX Copy.

MGX Copy is an internet based printing, disc duplicating, fulfillment and corporate services company. I know that’s a mouthful, but in essence what it means is that we serve corporate clients through printing business cards, brochures, flyers, booklets, newsletters, duplicating dvds and cds, as well as packaging and shipping products for them.

I’m very bullish on our company’s long term prospects-I’ve always enjoyed taking a traditional industry and applying new technology and new methods of execution to improve on its productivity and efficiency.

What’s particularly encouraging is the emerging technology that is available for us to use and implement. For example, traditional printers have had to deal with long and expensive setup times, resulting in slow turnarounds and higher prices. Here at MGX, we are currently building systems that will nearly fully automate the production process. It would be unwise for me to get into specifics, but the production workflow will allow a customer to price, pay, transfer files, and order their job completely without our intervention. Afterwards, the files would become automatically¬† converted and transferred to the point where our operators simply need to push 1 button before the production begins. This type of full automation dramatically speeds up production, reduces errors, and perhaps most importantly, heavily cuts down on costs by eliminating a huge portion of operator input.

Long story short-I’m excited to see how far we can take this technology. By reducing our costs and speeding up our workflow, we can expand ourselves to handle more clients and more effectively compete online, where pricing is paramount.

If I had to choose 3 phrases to describe MGX Copy, I would go with technology driven, customer oriented, and aggressive. You can decide what aggressive means :)

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